How to Safely Transport Your Classic Car to the Next Auto Show

How to Safely Transport Your Classic Car to the Next Auto Show
Published on May 1, 2022 at 4:56 pm GMT

Classic and collectible cars have always drawn particular attention. Even though it’s known that cars lose their value after being used for an extended period, collectible cars are different. The collectible cars’ value increases over time due to their excellent design, perfect performance, and rare, expensive parts.

So, if you decide to buy a new classic car or you want to transport yours to an auto show, there are some factors to take into consideration. This article will introduce essential points you should consider when selecting a collectible vehicle shipping company.

Choose a Trustworthy Car Shipping Company

Your collectible car is unreplaceable, and moving it to another place will be a source of stress. So, driving the car to the target destination might not be the wisest option since many obstacles and dangers might come in the way. Collaborating with a reliable classic car transport company is the most secure way. But, how do you identify the best collectible car shipping company that is worth your trust among many others? It’s effortless:

  1. You have to ensure the transportation department licenses the company. Otherwise, you’ll be shipping your precious collectible vehicle with a non-reliable service provider.
  2. Read clients’ reviews on the classic car transport company’s service and how cautious the team is. You can always find reviews on Google, BBB, or social media platforms. Tempus Logix is a trustworthy collectible vehicle shipping company, and reading client reviews about Tempus shipping services says it all.
  3. The company should have suitable and safe carriers that will provide your collectible vehicle with the safest journey from all aspects.

What Type of Shipping Suits Your Classic Car the Best?

There are two options for classic car transport; each option has its advantages and suits specific circumstances.

Open Auto Transport

The first option is open auto transport, this type of transport service is more affordable, but it might not be an excellent choice for a classic and collectible vehicle. This method doesn’t provide complete protection from dust, rain, and other weather conditions.

Enclosed Auto Transport

The second option is enclosed auto transport. It offers perfect protection to your automobile from all weather conditions and road hazards. Most collectible car owners often choose enclosed classic car transport trailers to reduce the risk, even though the enclosed classic car shipping costs more than open carriers.

However, there is no absolute right choice between the two; the best transport type is the one that suits your conditions and budget. It depends on the cost, the availability of transport method, the travel distance, and the vehicle model. It would help if you read about how car shipping works and remember the difference between operable and inoperable cars shipment. If you can’t decide what transport type to choose, you can always discuss the details with the reliable classic car transport company you want to deal with.

Prepare Your Car Before Shipping It

You have to prepare your collectible car before the shipment fully; it is a crucial step. The foremost thing you must do is empty your car. Don’t leave any valuable items or personal belongings in it. This step is vital to avoid damage during classic car transport. Furthermore, these items will add more weight to your car, which means more shipping costs.

Read about Shipping a Car with Personal Items

You also should check the fuel level; we recommend draining the fuel up to only a quarter of the tank; it is enough to load and unload the car; because a full tank results in more weight. You also have to check other fluid system levels and make sure to repair any leaks or mechanical issues; you have to inform the shipping company about any malfunctions. One more thing to examine is the battery charge. It is critical to have your classic and collectible car battery fully charged before shipping it.

Insurance and Documents

The team could fully grant nothing, even if you are dealing with a reliable classic car transport company. Having a copy of the agreement is a must. Call the insurer to ensure that everything is okay. Reading the agreement fully and thoroughly will enlighten you on the contract’s insurance. If you don’t feel comfortable with the insurance terms and conditions, don’t hesitate to communicate with the classic car transport company and let them know about your concerns.

Examine Your Car Inside Out

Now that you have chosen to use a shipping service for your dear collectible car, it is essential to document the complete condition before transporting it. You are the one and only person who is responsible for the car documentation. So, take pictures or even videos of your vehicle from all angles, make notes about any existing damage or mechanical issues before handing your keys to the driver and finally submit it to the classic car transport company. Then, when your car arrives at its destination, don’t sign the delivery paper before checking your car’s condition closely and make sure everything is still the same as pre-transit.


There are many factors to consider if you want to have reliable classic car transport from one point to another. However, the most fundamental thing is to choose the best shipping company; a trustworthy classic car transport company with a professional team is the best guarantee for your collectible vehicle’s safety. After all, any damage to your collective car will negatively affect its market value, and no one wants to be in that situation.

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