Mississippi Auto Transport Company

Mississippi Auto Transport Company
Published on February 5, 2024

Mississippi is a southern coastal state that’s classified as one of the most affordable states to live in. People are relocating there for many reasons other than the low cost of living; various educational opportunities, breathtaking nature, live history, hospitality, and mild winters have made Mississippi a great destination to relocate to.

Those who have decided on Mississippi for a lifelong settlement have made a very wise decision; however, this decision will have many consequences; one will be putting their current house up for sale, arranging their new accommodation in Mississippi, figuring out what to do with their car and the list goes on.

In this article, we’ll spotlight the auto transportation process to and from the state of Mississippi, with some recommendations and pro tips.

1.      Hire a reputable Mississippi auto transport company

When deciding to transport a vehicle, there will be many auto transport service providers to pick from. However, not all options are worth hiring. There must be a list of standards that a company must comply with.

The DOT and the FMCSA must license a dependable auto transport company, be long-experienced, have a wide network of reliable auto transport drivers across the United States, and finally, reasonable, affordable auto transport quotes.

Tempus Logix is a trustworthy, long-experienced auto transport company that complies with all the standards recommended.

2.      Decide on the trailer’s type

There are two available options for transporting a car, an open and enclosed trailer. The open trailer is the best option for transporting regular cars that require average safety and protection.

An open trailer fits up to eight vehicles and exposes them to external elements; this type of trailer isn’t bulky nor consumes a lot of fuel, so it’s the most affordable auto transport option.

On the other hand, an enclosed auto transport trailer is a large steel box that prevents any external element, no matter how small, from finding its way to the shipped cars’ bodies. This type of trailer is larger and harder to maneuver than its counterpart; as a result, the price is higher.

3.      Decide on the shipping service

There are two options for the shipping service, terminal-to-terminal and door-to-door auto transport. Each of those services ensures a particular safety and smoothness level, depending on the client’s preferences.

Terminal-to-terminal auto transport requires clients whose cars are heading to the same destination to drive their vehicles to a pre-arranged location. This location, however, is usually in a rural place distant from residential areas; clients will expose themselves and their cars to risks and dangers; however, they will be able to save some money, as this service type is much more affordable than its counterpart.

On the other hand, the door-to-door auto transport service requires nothing from clients but to be around their houses when their vehicles are picked up. A client will provide a carrier driver with their house location, and a driver will come right to their house garage, haul the car on, and head to the required destination.

A client, in that scenario, will have their car picked up and dropped off smoothly and trouble-free. But that will definitely come for an additional fee.

4.      Read the company’s terms and conditions

Collaborating with a Mississippi auto transport company without knowing its terms and conditions is a real risk. On the terms and conditions page, a car owner will get to know the company’s liability to the shipped cars, its insurance cover, and its cancellation policy.

This information is very important and must be noted and comprehensively understood before securing an auto transport order. 

5.      Contact the customer service team

A car owner transporting their vehicle for the first time will have many questions and concerns about the auto transport process. So, to be assured and get to know the process in detail, inquiring about anything roaming the client’s mind from customer service is recommended.

Luckily, contacting customer service by phone or email isn’t the only way to get answers. Rather, auto shipping companies are integrating an open-chat box so clients can chat with a professional customer service agent about the transport process any time they want, any place they are. 

6.      Order an auto transport quote

After eliminating all question marks and making all the decisions regarding the auto transport process, a client must wait no more to place their shipping order.

Some Mississippi auto transport companies like Tempus Logix offer an online cost calculator. Use it by entering details on the pickup and delivery location, transportation type, the shipped car operability, make, model, year, and contact information.

Afterward, the cost calculator will generate an immediate, accurate quote and send it to the email provided. The client accepts the quote, and places the order, as easy as that.

The bottom line 

Transporting the car is the best and most time and money-saving option when relocating to another state. And by following the tips we put together, we guarantee to place the order as smoothly as possible.

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