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Should you choose open or enclosed transport?

First, let’s get familiar with the types of the trailers:

  • Open multi-car hauler

The most common type of trailer is an open multi-car hauler. It takes up to 9 cars on a single trailer. When transporting a car on an open trailer, you should consider the fact that the car is exposed to various weather conditions as sun, rain, winds, etc.

  • Enclosed multi-car hauler

There are 2 types of enclosed trailers. There is a soft-sided enclosed trailer and a hard-sided enclosed trailer. When not specified by the customer, we are looking for the fastest way of shipping the car.

When you want to ship a vehicle, one of the most important choices is the transportation type of your car. It depends on a couple of factors.

  • Personal Preference
  • Price of the car which is being shipped
  • Ground clearance of it
  • The urgency of the shipment

No matter if your car is an exotic McLaren or a casual Camry, you can choose to ship your car with an enclosed trailer. Expensive cars with low ground clearance are strongly advised to be shipped with a hard-sided enclosed trailer. The ramps of the open trailer may damage the car, as they are not long enough and do not usually support vehicles with low ground clearance.

If you want to ship your car ASAP and it can be hauled with an open trailer, it is the best choice of the two. Most of the drivers have an open trailer and finding an enclosed car hauler requires more time and thus the quote is also higher for the enclosed transportation.

NOTE: No matter which transportation type you choose, the vehicle will be covered by the insurance of the carrier company during transportation. Carriers with enclosed haulers usually have better insurance as they usually ship luxury cars. (Read more about cargo insurance)