Local vs. Online Auto Shipping Companies: Which One Should You Choose

Local vs. Online Auto Shipping Companies: Which One Should You Choose
Published on November 26, 2022

After the internet has become part and parcel of our lives and daily routine, everything has become available there; education, working, shopping, services, etc. An online version of each activity we engage in real life has become available for everyone.

And that’s not restricted to the traditional things we have long been familiar with of ordering clothes or a meal. Rather, requesting the most complex services is now as easy as one-two-three.

Auto transport services have become available online; some companies even have no land-based offices, and they only depend on their online platforms to receive and arrange auto transport orders.

However, there are still many question marks on these online services, and some clients aren’t really convinced with this concept, preferring local auto transport companies over online ones. What are local auto transport companies, and which one is the best? Here’s everything a car owner needs to know.

What’s a Local Auto Shipping Company?

A local auto transport company has a local office with administration, customer service employees, and a fleet of carriers. Unlike many beliefs, a local auto transport company doesn’t restrict itself to transporting within its territories. For example, a company located in Arizona doesn’t only transport vehicles within this state; it operates all across the United States. 

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Pros and Cons of Local Auto Shipping Companies

Hiring a local auto transport company has many advantages, the most important of which include direct communication with the service provider. A client can head directly to the company’s office, meet with customer service, talk with carrier drivers, and inspect trailers in person.

By going for a local auto transport company, car owners can get answers to their questions from the horse’s mouth most conveniently and get a clear idea about the transport process even before it takes place. 

However, local auto transport companies are mostly concerned with their land-based business and current clients. So, they might not have a presence online, on the internet, or on any social media platform. As a result, there will be no chance to confirm the service’s quality by reading past clients’ reviews or checking their ratings on leading auto transport rating websites. 

Furthermore, local auto transport companies usually have a very small fleet of carriers for meeting clients’ orders. A client might not be lucky to secure their car a place on the carrier they want and guarantee it arrives at its destination at the required time. All local companies’ carriers could be already on the road for many days when a client comes to place an order.

What’s an Online Auto Shipping Company?

An online auto transport company is mostly a broker who collaborates with many carriers all around the states and matches clients with these carriers. As the name implies, an online auto transport company has no land-based office; rather, it only communicates with its clients through the official website. 

Pros and Cons of Online Auto Shipping Companies 

Going for an online auto transport company instead of a local one saves time and effort. Clients won’t need to leave the comfort of their homes to book an auto transport order. However, online shopping is possible only by visiting the auto transport company’s website. Clients can evaluate the company’s overall performance, request a quote, and place an order without moving a bone. 

In addition, online auto transport companies grant clients the advantage of ordering and comparing quotes to pick the best deal. The thing that’s not very accessible in the case of local companies. 

On the other hand, being able to find a trustworthy, reliable auto transport company isn’t a walk in the park. Online auto transport companies have become numerous these days, and fraud and spam are many. And the job becomes more challenging by not having the chance to visit the office in person and ensure the company’s authenticity.

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The Final Judgment 

Both local and online auto transport companies have their advantages and drawbacks; however, since we’re in the internet age, they prevail. These companies don’t only grant convenience and flexibility; clients will rest assured when confirming the company’s reliability using all online sources available, from past clients’ reviews to other websites’ ratings and evaluations of the service quality. 

Among many options available currently, Tempus Logix has come a long way and proved to be trustworthy by its clients all around the United States. For around eight years, Tempus Logix has been serving all types of clients, including individuals, companies, car resellers, etc. Past clients’ reviews, as well as many website ratings, are clear proof of the high-quality service this company provides. 

In Conclusion

Car transport is a very complex and troubling process, and clients are right to get increasingly suspicious and bewildered regarding which auto transport company to hire, local or online. Both could be good options depending on the car owner’s preferences. Still, the golden key for a safe shipment is thoroughly researching the auto transport company and confirming it’s up to the job before saying yes to the company.

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