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The Impact Word of Mouth Has on Tempus Logix Sales

Impact Word of Mouth Has on Tempus Logix Sales

With above eight years in the auto transport industry and still counting, Tempus Logix’s name has grown as one of the market’s most prominent, leading names.

966 Google reviews with an average rate of 4.9 out of 5
223 BBB reviews with an average rate of 4.91 out of 5
241 Facebook reviews with an average rate of 4.9 out of 5
406 Trustpilot reviews with an average rate of 5 out of 5
228 Transportreviews with an avarage rate of 5 out of 5
158 Mymovingreviews with an avarage rate of 5 out of 5
A+ Accredited Business by the BBB since April 2020
Licensed under USDOT number 3117533 and MC number 86120

But Tempus Logix’s name wouldn’t have crossed boundaries and reached a wide scale of clients all around the US without an unrivaled reputation and honest testimonials from its clients. Building a good reputation in an overcrowded market such as auto transport is not easy; it’s the fruit of hard work, collaboration, and strategizing.

Any company’s reputation distinguishes it from others in the same industry; it encourages possible clients to hire its services blindly and confidently. And Tempus Logix, thankfully, has managed to forge an excellent reputation, and the solid proof of that is its increasing number of returning and referral clients.  

Our formula for success is pretty simple: 1 satisfied client = 10 new clients

At Tempus Logix, we count on word of mouth as our main marketing channel rather than any other channel. While some service providers spend tons of money on social media and search engine campaigns, we’ve taken things the long but the most effective way.

“We care not only about providing a high-quality service but also about dealing professionally and friendly with our clients. Building a good relationship with our clients is the first step towards success, and that has been our motto from the very first day Tempus Logix saw the light.”

CEO of Tempus Logix, USA

Once clients are satisfied with the service’s quality and price, they will never turn to any other company, no matter how tempting the offers might be. And this process of building loyalty with clients has been the number one priority for the Tempus Logix team ever since the company was launched.

Because loyal clients never come alone, they bring their family, friends, and acquaintances along, expanding the company’s client base and prevailing benefits for everyone.

Word of mouth has proved to be one of the most productive ways for marketizing a business. It’s a way when clients, without any intrusion of the service provider, spread the company’s name as favorable and recommended. However, it is a great challenge to get to clients’ minds, give them what they want, and convince them to go around marketing for it.

“Since Tempus Logix established itself as an auto transport company eight years ago, we’ve shipped over 35,000+ vehicles, consequently dealing with tens of thousands of clients. Those clients’ testimonials on Google, Facebook, and BBB have shown that we’re both a professional service provider and a friendly, empathetic, and collaborative team. Lucky us, we’ve built tight rapports with our clients, as they have become loyal, constant, and regular; referral clients’ number is also increasing steadily successively.”

CEO of Tempus Logix, USA

Because reasonable pricing is one of the fundamental reasons that persuade clients to keep collaborating with a company, Tempus Logix has set affordable and fair pricing and special offers. Tempus Logix offers generous and competitive discounts for returning clients to express its appreciation for choosing its service repeatedly.

“We’re always updating our transport quotes to fit both clients’ expectations and budgets. The AI vehicle shipping calculator we integrated into our company’s website is another facilitator to simplify the process of ordering and placing an auto transport order.”

CEO of Tempus Logix, USA

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