How Can You Trust An Online Auto Transport Company With Your Vehicle

How Can You Trust An Online Auto Transport Company With Your Vehicle
Published on November 29, 2022

In a digital era, the first thing we tend to do when needing service is surf the internet looking for the best service provider available. However, that’s not as easy as it seems, especially if we’re talking about sensitive services like auto transport.

Finding a reliable, experienced, and reputable car transport company while all we have is the companies’ websites is a real challenge. And it’s a car we’re talking about, one of the most cherished, expensive assists one can have.

Trusting an online auto transport company with a vehicle shouldn’t come easily; rather, one should do their homework by doing all the research and investigations that lead to genuine trust.

Here, you will find the top 8 tips for ensuring an auto transport company is reliable.

1. Check Their Website

A company’s website can say a lot about it. A website that doesn’t look authentic, has poor content, and is hard to navigate screams fraud; run to another website because this company isn’t worth the trouble. 

Since we’re talking about an online auto transport company and there’s no other place where clients can reach out to it except for its website, a reliable company has to pay extra attention and take care of its one official platform. 

2. Ensure They Work in Compliance with the Law

The legitimacy of any auto transport company is the most important thing to look for because many things are associated with it, including insurance coverage and the service’s quality.

Ensuring a company’s legitimacy is possible by requesting the FMCSA number, which indicates that this company knows the transport laws of the United States and works according to them. 

3. Read Past Clients’ Reviews

Nowadays, reviews are the prime method for deciding whether a product or service is worth it. Many car owners would have hired the company you’re investigating, and they must have shared a good or bad experience with it.

So, have an open eye to both positive and negative reviews so you can develop an understanding of the overall level of this company’s service and whether you should go for it or look for another.

It’s also worth noting that not all reviews are authentic and trustworthy, as some fraud auto transport companies might use fake reviews to convince possible clients to hire them. So, reviews from anonymous or suspicious names are questionable and shouldn’t be considered. 

4. Contact Past Clients

While some reviews might be anonymous or fake, some must carry a valid real person’s name. So, collect the names of past reviewers and try to reach out to them for genuine feedback or elaboration on what they’ve already written about the company.

Chatting with a previous client can reveal so much about a company; it might also enlighten you with much advice and guidance from someone who has been in your shoes before. 

5. Contact Customer Service

Contacting customer service is the golden key to testing a company’s reliability and professionalism. 

Customer care employees are any company’s interface, so a company concerned about its reputation and name among clients must pay special attention to its customer service team. Once they’re professional, the company will have passed a critical test and is halfway to being hired and trusted. 

6. Check the Terms and Conditions

Agreements between clients and auto transport companies are the base for a successful, safe shipment where all parties are satisfied. So, as a client, you have to have a clear idea about the party you are about to collaborate with, and that’s by reading the Terms and Conditions page.  

This page usually includes details about the contract terms, payments and fees, inspections and damage fees, and cancellation policies and refunds. 

7. Ensure They Offer Reasonable Quotes

The auto transport quote is another important thing that can reveal a lot about how reliable a company is. Some companies offer very high and unreasonable quotes, while others provide suspiciously cheap ones.

And the truth is, none of which can be a reliable auto transport company. Instead, a good company that will grant its clients the safest, smoothest shipment offers reasonable quotes that correspond with the quality of its services. Not too expensive, not too cheap, just average.

8. You Will Never Go Wrong with Tempus Logix

So many options will be on the table when looking for a reliable auto transport company, increasing the chances of hiring an unreliable one. However, it’s better to go for one that’s highly experienced and professional, Tempus Logix.

The company is licensed by the FMCSA, has valid DOT and FMCSA numbers, has a team of the most seasoned customer service, and collaborates with a fleet of the most developed carriers, open and enclosed, in the United States. Read more about open vs enclosed auto shipping.

The Bottom Line

Online auto transport companies have become many, and being able to spot the reliable ones in such an overcrowded industry is a real challenge. But by getting to know the things we spotlighted previously, the process will become a lot easier, and you will never get involved with any fraud or untrustworthy auto transport company.

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