Top 6 Tips for Preparing your Car for an Auction

Top 6 Tips for Preparing your Car for an Auction
Published on September 30, 2022

A car auction is a smart way to find a buyer for your used car for the price you want or even more. It’s an online or a site-based event where used car owners put their vehicles for sale.

Interested buyers will bid on the car they’re interested in at the price they can afford, and the person who makes the highest bid gets the vehicle. Some auctions specialize in collectible cars, others in economy class used cars, and so on.

So, if you’re planning to participate in a car auction to put some money in your pocket and get rid of a used vehicle you have, there are many things you have to remember. The key to selling your car for the best price is thorough preparations. Here we gathered the top six tips for preparing your vehicle for an auction.

1. Pick the Right Auction

No matter how hard you try to turn your car into the cleanest and most attractive vehicle in the world, no one will buy it if you don’t put it in the right crowd. Ensure you participate in auctions that focus on the kind of your car in particular, as it doesn’t make sense to put your used regular vehicle in an auction for classic and collectible cars.

In addition, you have to ensure that you’re dealing with a trustworthy and well-attended auction house. Remember, the auction house and the auctioneer you deal with are of equal importance to the vehicle you’re about to present, so be careful.

2. Clean Your Car Squeakily 

Trust us; nothing is more uninviting than a dirty, dusty car. Washing your vehicle must be the first thing to do on your car preparation checklist. We’re not talking about taking off the dust with a dry cloth and shining the windows only. Rather, you should clean each part of your vehicle inside out.

Start with your car’s interior by cleaning the engine, engine compartments, and undercarriage, as these parts are hidden but are always filthy. Splash some special spray on the car’s wheels and polish them thoroughly.

Clean the car’s furniture with water and soap and ensure they smell refreshing. Don’t forget the dashboard, consul, cup holder, and floor. Many possible bidders will be interested in a test drive, and a clean interior will dramatically boost your car’s chances.

3. Do All the Maintenance Work

Your vehicle must be running properly and has no fundamental problems. So, take it to a reliable mechanic to check fully and give you expert advice about the things you should fix and the issues that aren’t worth it. Remember that you shouldn’t do all the repair and maintenance, as most used cars in auctions aren’t in the best state ever, and do the essential repairs only.

4. Set a Price

Even though it’s an auction, and no one knows how much you will sell your car, you must have a reserve price in mind that you don’t want to sell it below. So, do your research, take the advice of the expert, the auctioneer, and set the minimum number to start the auction on your car.

5. Prepare a Vehicle History Report

Those bidders who might be interested in your car will request further information about the car’s state in detail. A buyer must be interested to know the car’s history; how have you maintained it all through these years? How many accidents has this car been through? Are there any major damages or problems that will affect the car in the future?

You must get all these details ready before the auction by preparing a detailed history report. Bidders will very much appreciate it, as many sellers overlook this point.

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6. Hire an Auto Transport Company 

No matter how close it is, driving your car to the auction location will impose many risks. All your efforts to clean your vehicle and fix it will be wasted in vain by driving it to the auction.

Road dust and dirt will find their way to your car’s body; in worst-case scenarios, you might get into an accident and fully damage your vehicle. So, to avoid such unpleasant incidents, it would help if you take precautions.

Hiring an car shipping company will guarantee your car arrives at its destination clean, safe, and sound. We advise you to go for an enclosed trailer to deliver your vehicle to the auction clean and safe. On the other hand, an open trailer is a safe option, but you can’t be sure the car will arrive clean.

Hiring a reputable and experienced shipping company is the key to ensuring your car’s safety. The company you should hire must have a long experience in the field, a fleet of different kinds of a carrier, open and enclosed, and reasonable quotes. Use the free car shipping cost calculator on Tempus Logix’s website, and your vehicle will be handled with the utmost care and professionalism.


Many cars will be in the auction, and yours must stand out. Following the tips we gathered for you will ensure finding a buyer for your vehicle for a competitive price.

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