Top 8 Tips to Save Money on Car Shipping

Top 8 Tips to Save Money on Car Shipping
Published on November 10, 2022 at 5:28 pm GMT

Auto transport companies ship vehicles of all types across the United States. Whether you have a motorbike, an SVU, or a heavy-duty vehicle like a bulldozer, service providers are ready to move that vehicle as requested (read more a about How to Ship a Bulldozer). These companies have several carriers, like open and enclosed trailers, and use various equipment to load and unload the cars on the trailers, like hydraulic lifts.

However, everything has its price, and asking for door-to-door shipping differs from picking up your vehicle from the company’s terminal. Similarly, having your car shipped alone is more expensive than shipping it with other vehicles on the trailer.

Like everything else, you want to get the best deal from your car shipping experience. So, before you pick up the phone and call an car transport company, get to know these money-saving tips. 

Hire an Open Carrier Instead of an Enclosed One

You have two options for shipping a car: enclosed or open carrier, and the difference is pretty simple.

Enclosed carriers are more expensive due to the additional protection they offer for the vehicle and everything inside. Regardless of weather conditions or time of the year, the enclosed trailer can deliver the car in as-is condition.

Suppose you want to ship a classic collectible or maybe a luxurious sports car; in that case, choosing an enclosed trailer is the best option despite the higher fees. But if your car is just an everyday ride with no special features or unique accessories, then you should consider an open carrier.

Open carriers are more affordable and easier to maneuver compared to their enclosed counterparts. They come in two main forms: drive-on and tow-behind. A drive-on carrier is self-propelled (like a trailer), while a tow-behind carrier requires another vehicle to pull it along. Both options offer similar levels of security, so choose whichever works best for your situation and budget.

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Check the Running Condition of Your Car

Ensuring the vehicle is operable and running is a money saver. When the auto shipping company is responsible for loading an inoperable vehicle, additional charges might be applied for using special equipment like hydraulic lifts.  

Experts recommend having a mechanic inspect the vehicle before you ship it. This step will help ensure no issues with the car and can save you money if any repairs are needed.

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Choose Local Companies Over Popular Ones

Look for smaller companies that focus on regional moves rather than national ones. These companies will likely have lower overhead costs and be able to pass those savings onto their customers in the form of lower rates. They’re also more likely to offer specials and discounts on their services, making them even more competitive than the big-name movers.

Tempus Logix provides auto shipping services across the United States. However, with more than 30,000 vehicles shipped so far, the company still offers competitive packages, special discounts, and exceptional customer service around the hour.

Ask About Hidden Fees in Advance

Auto transport companies often include hidden fees that aren’t listed anywhere until you accept their quotes online or over the phone. These fees include fuel surcharges and terminal handling fees (THFs). The best way to avoid these hidden fees is by asking about them upfront, so there are no surprises when the time comes to finalize your quote with them in person or over the phone.

We advise you to get a written copy of everything in your quote. A lot can happen between when you accept an auto transport quote and when your vehicle gets loaded onto its transport truck. That’s why it’s important to have a written copy of everything in your quote so that there are no misunderstandings later on down the road.

Choose a Large Pick-up Window for Your Vehicle

If you have a flexible schedule, choosing a larger time frame for picking up your vehicle will allow finding cheaper rates as they come up based on supply and demand. Moreover, it’s not just about the pick-up and drop-off time but also the dates. Arranging the shipping earlier opens the door for better prices and potential discounts, but waiting until the last moment might impose higher prices.

Look Around for Lower Prices

Some companies offer reduced rates for new or returning customers. Check with local dealerships to see if they have any promotions running currently. If they do, you can get a discount on your final bill when all is said. Moreover, never hesitate to mention that you are a college student or a veteran; you might also get a discount.

Find the Best Time to Ship Your Car

If you want the best shipping price for your vehicle, you should choose to ship it during a non-peak time of year. The best time to ship a vehicle is during the summer months (May through September). During those times, the demand is low, and there aren’t as many trailers on the road. Avoid holiday travel times (Thanksgiving, Christmas) and peak season travel times (spring break, summer vacation).

Try to Ship More Cars at Once

The shipping company will give you a discount if you can book multiple cars on the same trip. The more cars they can transport in one day, the less they have to pay per trip — which means they can offer lower rates.

You’ll need to book all of your vehicles at once, but if you’ve got friends or family who also need their rides moved across the country, this can be an easy way to save cash on shipping costs.


Whether you want to ship a large vehicle or just a small bike, you should always try to make the best of it. Tempus Logix offers you the most competitive prices for the best service possible. Don’t hesitate to contact customer support to answer all your questions.

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