What paperwork do I need to provide, if the vehicle is at an auction, or storage department?

When customers book an order with us to transport their vehicles from/to auction lots, our drivers need authorization. The customers authorize the carriers through a form called Gate Pass. In the Gate Pass, the cars’ VINs are always present because the drivers need to identify the cargo they pick up. In some cases, auction lots require additional authorization before releasing vehicles. For example, some cars have liens on them, so carriers will need a notarized letter from the lienholder(s), allowing the transportation to take place. These documents are specific to auction lots and ports. Please note that when we process an order, we guide our clients through all the formalities. We get everything ordered for our customers as quickly as possible. Once our customers make a quote with us, we do the set up in no time. These are simple paperwork that we generate along with other standard documents, such as BOL and Delivery Order.

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