West Virginia Auto Transport Companies

West Virginia Auto Transport Companies
Published on January 8, 2023 at 11:54 pm GMT

West Virginia is known for its dangerous roads, and that’s because of its mountainous terrains that were paved and turned into roads. Roadways are rural, poorly lit, and narrow; therefore, accident rates are higher than in any other state in the nation. That’s why long driving distances to or in West Virginia aren’t recommended, and other options, if possible, are always preferable.

Hiring a West Virginia auto transport company eases a car owner’s mind and ensures that their car will be safe and secure; it will be on a well-maintained trailer driven by a highly experienced, professional driver.

How to hire a West Virginia auto transport company?

Even though auto transport services are widespread, not all car owners are familiar with them, nor do they know how to make use of them. So, to ensure their car arrives at its destination in West Virginia without a scratch, they have to follow this guidance:

  1. Research reputable auto transport companies

It doesn’t take more than simple research on Google to get matched with all available auto transport companies in the United States. However, it takes a lot of effort to identify a dependable, trustworthy auto transport company among too many options. 

To be able to filter given options and settle for the best, one has to ensure a company’s legitimacy; it should have a registration number from the Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. 

Once licensed and registered, a client can rest assured that this company complies with safety rules and regulations the government imposes; in addition, they will ensure that there will be insurance that will compensate them in case damage occurs. It’s worth noting that the DOT and FMCSA oblige all registered auto transport companies to provide fair insurance for any shipped vehicle.

Furthermore, registration only isn’t proof of a company’s reliability. So, a car owner must inquire about a company’s experience and whether or not it has been in the market long enough to be qualified to handle the hazardous process of car shipment in West Virginia. A company with long experience will have sufficient knowledge and efficient tools and trailers to handle any car shipment, no matter how challenging and risky.

Tempus Logix, a reputable auto transport company, has been a licensed, registered, and long-experienced service provider in the auto transport industry for over eight years. These long years full of successful, safe transport processes for different kinds of vehicles have qualified Tempus Logix as a reliable auto shipping company. 

The company’s reliability has been illustrated in past clients’ reviews and rating websites’ recommendations. With above 35,000 shipments all across the United States and a complex network with more than 25,000 shippers distributed through the American states’ territories, Tempus Logix is always here to serve.

  1. Compare quotes and place the order

Companies that match the two standards mentioned above are many, increasing the bewilder of which is the best to hire. So, to make a thorough decision based on factual, reasonable evidence, one has to run an additional test to settle for the best, most reliable, and dependable auto transport company. 

A car owner has to order shipping quotes from all those companies because the price is one of the most troubling factors for all car owners and because auto shipping quotes differ from one auto transport company to another. By doing this, clients will shrink their auto transport companies’ options depending on their budget; they will get a professional service for an affordable price.

For receiving an auto transport quote, companies’ calculators require information about the car’s state and model, the transportation method, and the pickup and drop-off locations.

  1. Prepare the car for shipping

For a safe, risk-free auto transport trip, a collaboration between a client and a company is required. Clients must deliver their vehicles to the transport company ready for shipping; as a start, a car owner must run a full maintenance check to ensure the car is efficiently functioning.

  1. There shouldn’t be any leaks
  2. A car’s battery must be fully charged
  3. An engine should be operating properly  
  4. Tires must be properly inflated

A car, in addition, must be clean of any dirt or dust on any of its external parts. This point is crucial for ensuring the car’s safety, as auto transport companies document the car’s pre-shipping state in detail; and that’s to compare it with the post-shipping one and look for any new scratches, dings, dents, discolorations, or chips that might be caused from the shipper.

If a client wants to decrease their shipping quote, experts recommend emptying the gas tank to 1/4. This amount of fuel is enough for starting and driving the car in case of an emergency and isn’t too much, so it doesn’t increase the car’s weight or the shipping quote.

The bottom line 

Having some of the most dangerous roads in the United States, driving to West Virginia is never a wise option. Rather, by following the steps and tips we mentioned above, car owners will ensure their vehicle’s safety and peace of mind.

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