What are Online Car Delivery Services?

What are Online Car Delivery Services?
Published on July 18, 2022

E-commerce has invaded every industry worldwide,  and vehicle trading is no exception. Online auto dealerships allow customers to look for a new car, negotiate the terms and place an order on a new vehicle from the comfort of their homes. Nevertheless, facing the problem of delivering the car, buyers will have to go all the way to pick it up or simply use an online car delivery service

It’s a great solution to get the new car delivered to your garage without wasting the day and blowing off your plans. This article will introduce online car delivery services, their fundamentals, and practices.

What Are the Advantages of Buying Used Cars Online?

There are many advantages to buying used cars online:

  1. Eliminates the personal visits to auto dealerships
  2. Reduces the burden of asking around for an available specific vehicle
  3. No more wasting time looking for a car and not finding it
  4. Eliminates face-to-face negotiations around the price and specifications
  5. Organizes the whole purchase process online, including selecting the vehicle, negotiating the terms, and arranging delivery.

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Online Car Delivery Services

Unfortunately, not all car dealerships provide online car delivery services, but during the COVID-19 pandemic, the numbers started to rise. Some brands have been delivering cars online before the lockdown, like Lexus, which offers car delivery for both new and used vehicles.

Nowadays, when buying a used car, most auto dealerships offer to deliver the vehicle by partnering with auto transport companies. Some arrange the whole transportation process without directly connecting the buyer with the shipper. Meanwhile, others would ask the buyer to contact the referenced auto transport company and coordinate everything together.

Perks of Online Auto Transport Services 

The second-best thing after buying a car online is getting it delivered without hassle. Following are the advantages of auto transport services:

  1. It saves you the trouble of picking up the vehicle from the dealership, especially if the location is far away from your place
  2. Provides complete protection to the vehicle from road hazards and travel damages caused by accidents or weather conditions
  3. Ensures delivering the car across the states, taking into consideration all national and local regulations and required documentation
  4. Covers the transportation process with sufficient insurance to compensate for any damage if it happens while delivering the car.

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Scheduling an Online Car Delivery Service 

After deciding on your new car and setting an agreement with the dealership, ask for the delivery service. While some auto dealerships would provide the delivery free of charge, others might ask for additional transportation expenses or connect the buyer directly with the auto transport company to arrange everything.

While scheduling the car delivery, you might need to fill out some paperwork and pay some shipping fees upfront; the transportation company will require the delivery fees to be paid fully when the car arrives safely at its new destination. 

Bill of Lading 

Suppose it is your first time hiring a car transportation company, then you are unfamiliar with the bill of lading you will receive upon the arrival of your shipment. It is a legal document that details the status, type, quantity, and destination of the cargo, and it also serves as a formal receipt issued by the carrier. Remember, do not sign the bill of lading before inspecting the delivered car. Ensure everything matches the description and meets your expectations.   

Tips for Examining Your New Ride upon Delivery

The enthusiasm for owning a new car, or the hast to not keep the driver waiting, can lead you to rush. Therefore, conducting a complete examination before unloading the car is essential, even if that means keeping the driver waiting for a while. First of all, inspect the exterior for any scratches, dings, damages, or paint discoloration, as well as the mirrors, tires, and the exterior body parts of the vehicle.

Next would be the car’s interior; you should examine its hygiene and odometer, check the seats and their adjustment, and the doors functionality, windows, and lights. Ensure all features are functional and compliant with your dealership’s agreement, including electronic and aesthetic updates, additional gadgets, etc. It is easier and faster if you have a friend who is acquainted with the order to help you inspect the car. 

What to Do When the Car doesn’t Comply with the Agreed Specifications?

The worst-case scenario is when the delivered car does not match the description. Although this can rarely happen, the solution is quite simple. When you get a car delivered online but it does not meet your expectations, cancel the delivery.

You can return the shipment to the dealership if the paperwork for receiving the car is not completed. Still, legally, if you notice any discrepancy after signing the bill of lading, there is nothing you can do about it. Again, this is very unlikely to happen. 

In Conclusion

Online car delivery service spreads widely in different states and countries because they provide buyers with a luxurious experience and value their time and energy. Consider buying a car online if you have no time to waste touring dealerships, and always ensure the auto transport company that’ll deliver the vehicle is reliable and efficient.

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