Boat Transport by Road: All you Need to Know

Boat Transport by Road: All you Need to Know
Published on October 13, 2022

Transport companies complete tens of shipping processes under the US bridges and on its highways daily; some could be for cars, others for motorcycles, and others for heavy equipment and boats. Boat transportation stands out as the most complicated and rigorous of all the vehicles mentioned earlier.

Because boats are bulky motor vehicles designed to be driven on water, transport companies always find boat transport by road challenging. Since it’s more cost-effective and faster than freight shipping, it has grown popular among clients.

So, if you have a boat and need to ship it safely and on short notice, you must consider boat transport by road. What is it and how to get the best of it, read till the end.

What is Boat Transport by Road?

Boat transport by road is a safe and very cost-effective method of punctually shipping your vehicle from point A to point B. The boat transport by road process revolves around lifting on and lifting off the boat on the back of a huge trailer.

Because a boat is usually enormous, the shipping company won’t provide you with open and enclosed auto shipping trailers, just like the case of car shipping. Rather, companies always transport boats on an extensive open trailer.

Get to Know Factors Influencing Boat Transport by Road Cost

1.      Size & weight

The size and weight of your boat are the most influencing factors regarding boat transport quotes. A wide and cumbersome boat will need more workforce, additional equipment, and more cautious handling throughout the shipment. Your boat’s height, in addition, is a significant constraint since towering boats need to plan special routes and avoid some bridges along the way.

2.      Distance

Logically, pulling a boat weighing a minimum of 400 pounds will be very fuel-consuming. The longer the distance, the more fuel burns, and consequently, the more the cost. In addition, since one trailer can’t possibly fit more than one boat, the company won’t be able to dole out the fee to several people heading to the same destination, similar to the case of shipping cars or motorcycles. Rather, you will be the only one paying for the fuel, workforce, and equipment utilization.

Research Reputable Boat Transport Companies 

As discussed earlier, moving a boat isn’t a small project; it’s a ticklish process requiring a professional, experienced shipping company. The company you should hire should have been long enough in the market to be acquainted with bulky boat handling.

In addition, a trustworthy boat transport company must be licensed and willing to provide its DOT number confidently. We also advise comparing many boat shipping quotes from different companies before settling for any to get the best deal. And remember, quality service is offered for a fair price, not a cheap nor an expensive one.

Visiting companies’ websites to read past clients’ reviews and check the feedback is always an advantageous move. Reading reviews will provide you with a comprehensive insight into the companies’ service quality, which one most stands out, and what is the best to hire.

Tempus Logix can provide quality shipping for all kinds and sizes of vehicles. Besides the long years of experience in the auto transport industry, the company has over 1000 online reviews from satisfied clients.

Read more About Boat Transport Companies.

How to Prepare Your Boat for Transport

1. Measure your boat’s dimensions

As the width, length, and weight are the factors deciding your boat shipping quote, it’s crucial to make the measurements carefully. You also must remember the swim platforms and outboard motors, so don’t forget to measure them.

2. Secure everything  

Before the shipment, you must completely secure anything loose or extends beyond the boat’s hull. Hatches that might cause leaks should also be secured using tape. You must also lock or tape the doors to avoid collision with any outside item.

3. Drain all tanks

Emptying all water and fuel tanks is an essential step before the shipment to stay ahead of any accident or fire possibility during the trip. Some transport companies recommend leaving approximately ¼ of the fuel tank full. However, that’s not a standard procedure, so ensure you confirm with the company you hire. You should also remove anchors from the deck and drain plugs from the hull.

4. Clean and inspect your boat

All shipped vehicles, whether SUVs, cars, motors, or boats, are subject to different kinds of accidents. When the shipping company’s responsibility is to offer insurance to cover damages, if occurred, your responsibility is to be able to spot these damages.

The first and most critical step to ensure your boat’s safety is to clean it impeccably. Washing the boat will unravel any damage or scratch on its body, enabling you to identify its pre-shipping condition and compare it with the post-shipping one.  

The Bottom Line 

Boat transport by road is a safe and affordable way to ship your boat to another state stress-free. To ensure your motor vehicle arrives at its destination safely and sound, hire the best company in the market and prepare your boat effectively by following the tips mentioned above.

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