Common Myths About Car Shipping

Common Myths About Car Shipping
Published on October 27, 2021

Many people consider shipping their vehicles, though they are often hesitant due to certain misconceptions about the auto transport industry. Those who relocate across the country or plan to purchase a motor vehicle from afar may also have questions and preconceived notions about how car shipping works. Therefore, we are going to shed light on the most common myths about car shipping. 

Car Shipping Service 

Many car owners worry that car shipping services are costly, but it is often far less expensive and time-consuming than driving it to the desired destination. 

In addition, a cross-country road trip is difficult, especially if you are traveling with children or pets. Shipping your vehicle with an auto transport company ensures that it arrives at its destination while you continue to work, coordinate your relocation, and complete other tasks on your to-do list.

Long drives that last several days can be pricey in terms of added expenditures. Gas, food, overnight accommodations, and vehicle wear and tear may rapidly add up. Thus, collaborating with a reputable and dedicated car transport broker will make the shipping / moving process convenient and stress-free.

Car Shipping Quotes 

A common stereotype is that the car shipping quote is decided by the distance traveled. While the length you need your vehicle moved affects the overall cost, it is only one of many factors considered when determining your quote. Other key aspects to consider when estimating how much you should pay the car shipping company are vehicle size, accessibility of the end location, shipment method, and date flexibility. 

Please keep in mind that specific requirements, such as shipping your car to a rural, less accessible location or requiring a pick-up date, will result in a higher cost because additional arrangements would be needed. 

Motorcycle Shipping Services 

Moving motorcycles and other smaller vehicles into and out of trailers raises the risk of an accident, but reputable transport companies take every precaution to avoid such damage. Providing cover for the motorcycle to be used while the bike is in the trailer can be beneficial, especially if the material is something other than cloth.

Our motorcycle shipping service is specially designed to protect your bike from damage during transport.

Enclosed Auto Transport 

While enclosed auto transport isn’t the cheapest option, there’s a common misconception that it’s better to ship enclosed if you’re concerned about damage. Enclosed shipping is popular among people who need to move luxury, antique, rare, or extremely valuable vehicles because it protects them from the weather elements and prying eyes. Although enclosed shipping has advantages, open-air carriers also provide all the protection cars will require en route. It can protect your vehicle from unwanted car fluids leaking onto it, or it can keep debris from scratching the paint or cracking a window. Notably, 90 % of the auto transport companies use open-air carriers and have a high scratch-free record.

Classic Car Transport 

Classic cars and vintage vehicles are a connection to the past of automobile design and manufacturing. The task of safely shipping these vehicles is a legitimate concern for classic and vintage car owners. Nevertheless, many of the same principles that apply to hauling modern cars align to classics. 

During classic car transport greater attention to detail is required. Shipping companies have guidelines and methods that help them successfully transport a classic car from one location to another.

Some people also believe that classic cars that are being restored and are inoperable cannot be shipped. Most auto transport companies can ship any vehicle or truck that can roll and steer, even if it cannot run. Besides, please note that shipping an inoperable car can be more expensive because haulers may need special equipment or training to load and unload them.

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