Florida Auto Transport Companies

Florida Auto Transport Companies
Published on August 16, 2022

The warm weather, fascinating beaches, and diverse cultures in Florida have made it an excellent landmark for people around the US. Some might hit the road there to spend a vacation, attend an event, or even relocate to Florida for good.

But since a car is one of our most cherished belongings, we will always be concerned about it without a fixed plan in mind. Should our automobile be our transportation means and companion throughout the trip, or should we request professional help to get the job done? Hiring a Florida auto transport company is the wisest call when:

When You Are Relocating

Just like relocating to a new home in Florida requires you to hire a house removals company to ship your furniture and belongings safely and quickly. The same goes for your car because driving won’t be the wisest option since the trip will be long, and you would have no idea about what you might encounter on the road.

Your car might get damaged, find no mechanic to fix it, or even run out of fuel. So, by hiring a Florida auto transport company, you will guarantee that your car will arrive at the new settlement safe and sound without bothering about driving. 

When You Go for a Vacation

Florida is one of the most stunning states to spend a vacation in. There are many attractions to visit and so many activities to do. You wouldn’t be able to fight the temptation to visit Universal Studios, Magic Kingdom, Florida Aquarium, and many more.

The Florida auto transport company you hired will ensure that your car arrives in Florida as soon as your plane, train, or bus do, so you pick it up and start your trip immediately. 

When You Purchase a Car from Florida Online

Purchasing cars online has become increasingly popular these days. But when you finally find the vehicle of your dreams and it’s in Florida, which may be states away from you, you have to consider a Florida auto transport company.

A Florida auto transport company will save you the trouble of traveling to the state. They will get you your new car without weary. 

It’s worth noting that many frauds online try to sell damaged cars using fake pictures. But a Florida auto transport company might help you by ensuring the vehicle you are about to purchase is worth the trouble. You can provide the carrier driver with many details about the car, so they would inspect it and make sure that the seller isn’t playing you.

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When You Have a Classic Car

Dealing with classic cars is always a source of stress for their owners; any wrong move might result in enormous damage that cannot be fixed, especially since mechanics who know how to fix this kind of old car are few, let alone rare replacement parts. So, no matter how good your classic car might look, don’t risk driving it for long distances. Instead, many Florida auto transport companies have long years of experience in shipping classic cars and will deliver them with the utmost consideration and attention.

So, if you’re interested in attending the next classic auto show in Florida, hiring a Florida auto transport company is the safe bet.

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How to Find a Reliable Florida Auto Transport Company?

Now that you know when you should use the help of an auto transport company, it’s equally important to understand how to select the trustworthy company that will load and unload your car safely. 

Search online

Now that it’s the internet age, there’s no need to roam the city looking for a reliable auto transport company. Google will supply you with an extensive list of choices to select from. But you must be careful and ensure the FMCSA licenses the company. In addition, it would help if you read previous clients’ reviews to get an insight into how the transport company deals with its customers and how efficient its service is.

Expand your choices 

There are many trustworthy auto transport companies online that some people might rush and hire the first company that pops up on their screens. However, that shouldn’t be the case. You have to find many companies, request quotes, contact the customer care representatives for further details, then settle for the company that best matches your budget and preferences.

Ask about anything that occupies your mind

It is okay to be increasingly curious about the shipping process; your car is on the line, and you as a client have the right to get all the information you need. So, do not waver in asking questions about anything that might seem unclear. For example, request a further explanation on the process of hauling the car to the trailer, the tools, and what kind of trailers they drive. 


Hiring an auto transport company to ship your car to a distant destination is always a wise decision. You will save yourself the trouble of driving and worrying about your car’s safety, the road, fuel, and accommodation. But, ensure that you are dealing with the right auto transport company.

Tempus Logix has been shipping all types of cars across the states; Florida is no exception. The company has already shipped over 30,000 vehicles to various locations across the country, and your vehicle might be the next one on the transportation list.

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