The Challenges of Auto Shipping in Remote and Rural Locations

The Challenges of Auto Shipping in Remote and Rural Locations
Published on March 24, 2023

Living in a rural area is always a good idea; that’s to say, nature’s beauty, fresh air, and remarkable quiet are great advantages that no one would say no to. However, that isn’t the one and only side of rural life; instead, there’s another dark one which includes poor services, expensiveness, distance, and uneven roadways.

The prior downsides impose additional restrictions and make life hard for the rural areas’ population. For example, auto transport services could be arduous, and that’s for many reasons, which we are about to discuss. 

1.      No Door-to-door Auto Transport Service

Poor road surfaces, deep potholes, and steep roads are regular occurrences in rural and remote areas. As a result, the massive, bulky trailers won’t, by no means, find their way to the houses there; thus, inhabitants won’t be able to enjoy the luxury of the door-to-door shipping service.

Consequently, they must agree with the auto transport company on a median location where both the clients and trailers can reach. In such a case, a car owner will be obliged to go for the terminal-to-terminal auto transport service and drive their car for long distances, exposing it to different road hazards and dangers.

2.      Long Distances and Additional fees

Even though auto transport trailers can never reach clients’ houses, they must undertake a long journey to arrive at the pre arranged pickup and delivery locations. Long distance means long drives, and long drives impose additional risks on the transport trailers; as a result, auto transport companies will impose higher fees than any other locations that

might not require all these challenges and efforts.

3.      Risky Drives

Driving on the roadways of rural or remote areas isn’t only challenging for the huge auto transport trailers. Rather, it’s also hazardous for car owners themselves. For clients to be able to deliver their vehicles to the pickup location, they will expose their cars and themselves to dangerous road conditions.

Chances of accidents or car breakdowns are there, especially if the weather is awful with mud, snow, frost, etc. So, drivers must be highly cautious and attentive not to run through an accident or cause any damage to their car.

How to Deal with Challenges of Auto Shipping in Rural Areas?

The challenges mentioned above are unavoidable, and anyone who lives in a rural or remote area must deal with them. However, the impact of these challenges could be limited by following the next tips:

1.      Hire a Good Auto Transport Company

 Transporting cars to and from rural areas requires an advanced level of proficiency, as dangers and hazards are greater than in any other place. So, hiring a reliable, reputable auto transport company is a must for someone concerned about their vehicle’s safety.

It’s noteworthy that not all auto transport companies operate in remote areas, so one must conduct comprehensive research. Besides its ability to operate in rural areas, a dependable auto transport company must have:

  1. An advanced fleet of trailers, ready and eligible for reaching such critical areas
  2. Certification from the FMCSA
  3. Long years of experience
  4. Positive reviews from past clients

Tempus Logix is among the leading service providers in the US. They’ve been transporting different types of cars to and from various areas nationwide.  

6.      Go for the Enclosed Trailer

The chances of car damage are high with rural roadways’ poor, deteriorated conditions. So, experts always recommend investing in additional safety precautions by renting an enclosed trailer.

This type of trailer provides shipped vehicles with complete protection against any damage. It comes for a higher fee than its counterpart, an open trailer; however, it’s worth the investment.

7.      Get the Vehicle Ready for the Trip 

Hiring the right auto transport company isn’t the only thing to do to guarantee a safe shipment. Instead, there are further preparations required on the client’s part. As a first step, a car owner must prepare their car documents, including vehicle registration information, proof of insurance, a driver’s license, etc.; not all auto transport companies require all these documents, so one must ensure that before sending their car out.

Then, a thorough wash must uncover all issues on the car’s body; these include dings, scratches, dents, paint chips, discolorations, and anything that affects the external. This step will facilitate documenting the car’s pre-shipping state and be able to deliver a comprehensive report for the auto transport company. Documenting the car’s state by taking photos and videos is the safest and most convenient way to compare its pre-shipping state with its post-shipping one.

Removing external accessories and loose parts is recommended if the car isn’t transported in an enclosed trailer.

The bottom line

No matter a remote or populated location, auto transport processes are complicated and require collaborating with a qualified team of carriers. Transporting within a rural, remote area comes with additional restrictions; no one can deny that; however, hiring the best auto transport company and properly preparing the vehicle for shipping will make the process go smoothly.

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