Car Resellers: The Ultimate Client Guide

Car Resellers: The Ultimate Client Guide
Published on October 14, 2022

Deciding to buy a car isn’t only about setting a budget and deciding what kind of car you want. Rather, you must also consider where you should buy it, from a private seller, a manufacturing company, or a car reseller.

Purchasing your next car from a car reseller could be advantageous if you’re looking for a used, affordable vehicle. However, you must remember that procedures for buying from a reseller differ from any other party, as you have to be extra cautious and attentive. If that’s your first time purchasing a vehicle from a car reseller, there must be endless questions in your mind regarding the process. In this article you’ll find everything you need to know about car resellers and how to buy a car from them without being fooled.

Who is a Car Reseller

A car reseller is an individual or a business that buys used cars, maintains them, and sells them for a profit. Car resellers either own showrooms and lots or sell their vehicles through online platforms and websites.

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How to Buy a Car from a Car Reseller?

Set your budget and expectations

Knowing what kind of automobile you want and how much your budget can afford will help you scale down your options and know where to look. Use Google for guidance and suggestions by researching cars with your striving qualifications.

Research the engine, drive type, automatic or manual, safety features, body, size, and color. By that, you will develop an idea about the kind of cars matching your preferences and the average budget you should allocate.

Research trustworthy car resellers

After having a preconceived idea about the kind of car you are after, it would help if you get to know the leading car resellers in the market to pick the best. You will find many options and limitless names, so take the time to sort them out by looking at their reputation, quotes, and reviews.

You won’t be lucky to find your dream car at the first and only reseller you visit, so ensure you prepare a list of all the reputable resellers, so you don’t restrict yourself to limited options.

Shop from land-based car shops

Some car resellers have no showrooms or land-based shops; instead, they sell their cars online on car reselling websites. Even though many car resellers now adopt this approach and clients find it convenient, shopping in person is still the safest way to purchase a car. When shopping from a car shop, you can inspect the car from all angles, have a test drive, and confirm it’s the car you’re looking for.

Obtain a history report and perform an inspection

Since most car resellers sell used cars, you must be careful and heedful before saying yes to the car. Conducting an independent inspection is a must before paying any penny for the car; go the extra mile, and request an inspection, as it might open your eyes to hidden issues you wouldn’t be able to discover without it.

A dealer rejecting a car inspection must be hiding something about the car; it could be a mechanical issue, leakage, etc., so never take the risk and turn to another dealer.

Another pro tip to remember is never to be fooled by what your eyes are seeing; no matter how perfect the car might seem, you have to learn about its history. Request a history report and thoroughly review it; this report will unravel the vehicle’s previous accidents, mileage verification, and ownership history.

Inquire about the return policy

Many snags in the car could be unrevealed after driving it for a couple of days. So, in this case, it’s your right as a client to return the car and get your money back. Keep in mind that not all car resellers adopt this policy; some shrink from the responsibility as soon as you drive your new vehicle out of the lot.

The return policy is a deal breaker, so ensure you clarify it before settling for any used car, especially if it’s not in the best state.   

Hire an auto transport company  

If the car reseller you deal with doesn’t collaborate with an car transport company, investing in a car shipping service to ensure your car’s safety is worth it. The auto transport service comes in handy if the car reseller’s lot location is distant from your place, and driving it yourself might impose risks on the new car.

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Tempus Logix would fulfill your shipping order at a record time, no matter where the car reseller is. Tempus Logix is also known for its top-quality service, as it has been in the market for years and has the best team of drivers and trailers.


If you collaborate with the right, reputable car reseller, the chances of finding the car of your dreams for a very competitive price could boost. So, take your time getting to know the car reselling market and choose the best place to purchase.

Take the tips we mentioned above into consideration and keep Tempus Logix in mind if you need a professional auto transport company to deliver your new car.

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