Can a Dealership Ship a Car to Another Dealership in the USA?

Can a Dealership Ship a Car to Another Dealership in the USA?
Published on May 28, 2022 at 1:18 pm GMT

This scenario frequently happens when a customer wants to buy a car with a specific color or trim level, the dealership may not have the exact requested car in their stock since they can keep a limited number of vehicles there.

However, it doesn’t mean that the customer won’t get the car they asked for, thanks to the internet, which linked dealers across the states allowing them to sell vehicles that don’t exist in their inventory; this process is known as “dealer trade.” 

This type of trade is popular these days; it is fast and convenient. Customers often prefer to deal with one dealership they trust rather than contacting some other dealers they aren’t familiar with. As great as it sounds, people have one primary concern about the whole process, can a dealership ship a car to another dealership? 

It is vital to start by learning more about dealerships and how they manage their work to answer their concern.

How do Dealerships Work?

All dealers understand how the industry keeps evolving constantly. Moreover, due to the last global pandemic, people’s purchasing behavior has changed. Buying vehicles online and transporting them by auto transport companies has become a new trend the dealers have to adapt to. You can learn more about

It is safe to think of car dealerships as retail stores for auto manufacturers; they order cars from the producers depending on their predictions for what vehicles will be the best sellers. They arrange credit lines with the manufacturer and use them to purchase whatever car model they want; then, they pay back those credit lines.

Getting back to the question, can a dealership ship a car to another dealership?

Dealerships do ship the cars they sell with the help of an auto transport company; these companies offer two shipping methods with plenty of complimentary services to ensure the safety of transported vehicles. Therefore, dealers need to choose a reliable auto transport company to hire to help a dealership ship a car to another dealership.    

Choosing a Car Transportation Company

This task is easier to say than to do since there are many choices, making it very difficult to pick a trustworthy vehicle shipping company. However, there are a few criteria the company must meet so a client can trust it:

  • The company must be registered and have insurance coverage with the department of transport and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which means that the company has to follow all insurance and safety regulations set by FMCSA.
  • Relevant experience is an essential factor to consider; the car dealer should check the company’s track record to evaluate the successful transport operations, which is an excellent indicator of the company’s efficiency (learn more about how to become a car dealer).
  • Positive customer reviews mean the company is working hard to meet the needs of its clients; however, negative comments can tell a lot more about how much they genuinely care to satisfy everyone by giving a proper explanation for each incident.    

After choosing a reliable company to work with, how can a dealership ship a car to another dealership?

How do Car Dealers Coordinate the Shipping Process?

Dealers have to coordinate between the shipping company and the other party they want to ship the car to; the first thing to consider is the timing; it is crucial to find a date that works for both sides. The dealers should schedule the drop-off date, assuming the transport process may take several days, depending on the travel distance. 

Auto transport companies play a significant role in dealer trade; they can facilitate vehicle trade between dealerships and bring more business. Therefore, dealers should have a good relationship with these companies; the more they work with them, the more special treatment they’ll get; they may offer a discount or speed up the transportation process, which is a win-win for both the dealers and their customers. The trading process requires strong relationships with other dealers; taking a good time to build these relationships in advance is essential to ensure the whole process will be done smoothly. 

After knowing that the answer to “can a dealership ship a car to another dealership?” is yes, another question may arise, “will it cost more to get the car through dealer trade?”

People have to know more about transportation costs first. Auto transport companies provide a cost calculator on their websites, a free tool that can generate a shipping cost depending on basic information entered by the customers. 

Factors Affecting Car Transportation

The shipping service required

There are two primary transport methods: open auto transport and enclosed auto transport; the latter is more expensive since it provides complete protection for the shipped vehicles. Find out when to choose an enclosed auto transport.

Car model and operational condition

It can affect the cost since the larger and heavier the vehicle, the more the shipping fee; add to this, inoperable cars require special equipment for the loading process.

The distance and timing

The closer the date, the more it will add to the quote, and if the customer wants their car to be shipped as soon as possible, they have to pay for fast transportation.  


Many people ask, can a dealership ship a car to another dealership? The answer is yes; it is a convenient way to find the best car effortlessly. Tempus Logix has a vast network of over 25,000 shippers across the United States and can handle all types of auto transportation between car dealerships. The company has over 1000 reviews from satisfied clients and has already delivered over 30,000 vehicles.

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