Planning to Ship Your Car? Here’s How to Get a Car Shipping Quote

Planning to Ship Your Car? Here’s How to Get a Car Shipping Quote
Published on September 29, 2022

The fee is one of the first things you must consider when deciding to ship your car. How much does shipping a car cost? How do auto shipping companies calculate the price? And how can you get a car shipping quote?

Auto transport companies calculate the shipping quote based on many factors, including the car’s model, make, etc. In addition, they offer many options where clients can obtain a car shipping quote the way they prefer.

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Here’s everything you must know about how to get a car shipping quote and what companies depend on in calculating the car shipping quote.  

Use the Online Free Cost Calculator

The free car shipping cost calculator is the most popular and fastest way to get a car shipping quote. Check the auto transport company’s website, and fill in a form with information about your vehicle and shipping preferences, like the transport method you want. Once you submit the form, you will receive an instant quote.

Tempus Logix has an AI-based car shipping cost calculator; the state-of-the-art tool utilizes machine learning technology and offers accurate quotes for website visitors.

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Contact Sales Agents 

The company’s website must have a phone number you can call. This method is more accurate than the online cost calculator, as you will be talking to a real person. The sales agent will do the math for all the expenses and provide you with an accurate estimation.

How is a Car Shipping Quote Calculated?

There’re many questions the car transport company will ask you before providing the final car shipping cost. So, it would help if you knew what those questions are and the factors that mostly increase the shipping cost.

Information about your car

Dealing with a luxurious car differs from dealing with an ordinary one. For example, loading a classic car on the trailer isn’t the same as loading a regular vehicle; special equipment might be engaged to guarantee the car’s safety. So, information about the car’s model, make, and year is crucial to estimating the car shipping quote. Provide detailed and correct information and don’t change anything to lower the price, as the driver will find everything out during the pick-up.

Car’s operability

Your car’s operability is one of the factors that most influence the shipping quote, as hauling an inoperable vehicle is very challenging and requires special care. Remember that auto transport companies only ship non-running vehicles that roll, steer, and break.

So, a car is considered inoperable if it has no keys, if it has mechanical issues, or if it has collision damage. So, if your vehicle has one of these issues, it’s inoperable. Shipping an inoperable car requires using special equipment, including winches, chains, tow trucks, and others.

The pick-up and drop-off city

Logically, the further the distance, the more the cost. So, for the company to calculate the shipping quote, you have to inform them about the state where you are and where you want your car to be transported.

The auto transport method

You have two options regarding the transportation method, open or enclosed. The open trailer is a flatbed carrier that can haul up to 8 cars, is easy to maneuver, and doesn’t consume much fuel. So, this transport method is affordable and budget-friendly.

But, you must remember this method doesn’t protect the transported vehicles completely, as it has no roof or walls. On the other hand, the enclosed shipping method is a carrier with a roof and four walls; it’s like a huge box.

This high level of protection is an advantage over the open carrier. Not only that, but the enclosed carriers have special air conditioners to control the temperature of the carrier all through the transport process.

In other words, the enclosed transport method is a VIP service for your vehicle. But this transportation type is big-budget and will add more to the car shipping quote than the open trailer.

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Personal belongings

Some companies allow clients to pack some personal belongings in their cars during the shipment. This service is free as long as the items weigh less than 100 pounds; however, the company will charge for them if they’re over 100 pounds. These standards differ from company to company, yet that’s the common way they deal with extra items.  

Pro Advice

Even though the factors affecting your car shipping quote don’t differ from one company to another, the quote you get from one company isn’t the same as you get from another. So, it’s crucial to obtain car shipping quotes from reliable auto transport companies and compare them to get the best deal.

Tempus Logix has been in the auto transport business for years and has collected over 1000 online reviews from satisfied clients; it’s a vital indicator of service quality. Contact the company today for a shipping quote and save yourself time and effort.

The Bottom Line

It doesn’t matter which way you select to get your car shipping quote. However, picking an auto transport company that will ship your car safely and worth every penny is what really matters.

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