New York Auto Transport Companies

New York Auto Transport Companies
Published on November 23, 2022

New York, the city that never sleeps, is among the most tourist attractions in the world. New York has something for everyone. From world-class museums to Broadway shows and world-renowned restaurants, there are so many things to do in New York, making it overwhelming not to have a car. Whether planning a trip for a few days or relocating, you should consider giving your vehicle a lift too.

This article demonstrates all the essential information about New York auto transport companies, including choosing a service provider and what to expect.

Why Do You Need a New York Auto Transport Company?

Some people drive their cars when they move to another city or state, but this is often not the best option for several reasons. For one thing, if your vehicle has been sitting for a while, it may need maintenance work; even if you drive it regularly, long-distance traveling requires special preparations. 

In addition, traveling across the country means having to stop for breaks, gas refills, sleeping, and so on; it all adds time and cost, even more than anticipated. Furthermore, the vehicle might break down on the road, causing lots of trouble. 

However, when you hire a New York auto transport company to move your car, they will come prepared and take care of everything on your behalf. They will pick up the vehicle from your current location and deliver it safely to its new destination. Additionally, they’ll handle all the paperwork involved in the transportation process.

Choosing the Right New York Auto Transport Company

When looking for an auto transport company, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the options available. There are many different service providers, each with unique policies and procedures.

We’ve compiled a list of important factors to consider when choosing an auto transport company:

What kind of auto shipping services does the company provide?

Some auto transport companies specialize in certain types of cars, such as classic cars or motorcycles. If you’re shipping a vehicle that isn’t standard size or style, it’s recommended to look for a dedicated auto shipping company specialized in that type of vehicle. For example, an auto transport company specializing in moving small cars can’t move a heavy-duty vehicle like a truck or a bulldozer (read about How to Ship a Bulldozer from One State to Another).

Do they offer door-to-door service?

If you’re shipping your car across the country or just down the street, it’s important to find out if the auto transport company offers door-to-door service. Some companies charge extra for this convenience, and others don’t even provide it!

Are there any hidden fees?

Auto transport companies sometimes have additional hidden fees that can add up quickly and may not be included in the shipping quote! So, asking about any possible fees before signing contracts or making any payments is crucial to know what you’re getting into.

Does the company provide insurance? 

You should ask if the auto transport company has liability insurance. Although it adds an extra cost, having insurance is essential to get compensation if something happens while the company is transporting your car, like unexpected damage or an accident.

Many auto transport companies offer full-coverage insurance for the vehicles they are transporting, so make sure to ask about this before signing any contracts! Moreover, check the insurance policy and negotiate any terms that don’t match your preferences.

How much experience does the company have?

You should check how long the auto transport company has been operating in this business and whether it has an excellent track record of delivering exceptional service to its clients.

There are many online review platforms where customers post reviews about different auto transport companies based on their experience.

You should look for such comments and see what people have to say about your chosen auto transport company before hiring it for transporting your vehicle.

You can save time and effort and contact Tempus Logix for your New York auto shipping services. The company has shipped over 30,000 vehicles across the U.S. and has over 1000 positive reviews online from satisfied clients. 

Moreover, you can get an instant price quote for shipping your vehicle through the company’s website; it has an AI-based car shipping calculator that provides accurate and instant shipping quotes. 

Hiring a New York auto transport company

Check different options online, request price quotes, and entertain their offers to find out what works best for you. When contacting an auto shipping service provider, remember to mention all the details and special requests; otherwise, you will get a surprising price increase later.  

Here are a few points you should keep in mind when reviewing various auto shipping companies online:

  1. Always check negative online reviews and find out how the company addresses issues and complaints.
  2. Verify if the company is licensed to work in the United States, not just a fake website or an amateur one.
  3. Read the company’s loading and unloading guidelines carefully and ensure they have the equipment to safely pick up and drop off your car.
  4. Ask precisely and straightforwardly about additional hidden fees, and be careful not to accept any unclear offers.


Visiting New York might be an overwhelming experience. However, hiring a professional auto transport company helps in one part and gives you peace of mind and concentration to follow up on other high-priority issues. 

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