Preparing for Auto Transport Seasonality

Preparing for Auto Transport Seasonality
Published on July 7, 2023

Auto transport processes are influenced by certain factors that make the industry and how it works quite different from other shipping businesses. Shipping cars require specific skills and knowledge, especially knowing how to handle challenges and deal with the many considerations related to car shipping.

This article sheds light on the seasonal factors affecting auto shipping and provides planning tips.

Seasonal Factors Affecting Auto Shipping

The volume of orders in the auto shipping industry is directly associated with the four seasons. Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall all mean different things for auto shippers and have specific shipping conditions. We will demonstrate here how auto shipping is impacted by each season.

Winter Auto Shipping

Shipping vehicles in winter poses several challenges for auto shippers, mainly the complications of driving during severe weather conditions. Road closures and violent storms lengthen the time transporting cargo from A to B.

For example, if an auto transport trip between two states normally takes three to four days, the shipping time frame in winter and during harsh conditions can be extended up to ten days. This is because wintry circumstances force drivers to wait for routes to be opened again or take longer routes.

Furthermore, the auto shipping industry usually has an increased workload in December and January, when Thanksgiving approaches.

These two months are marked by a surge in demand for auto shipping services accompanied by fewer available carriers, creating considerable pressure on auto shipping companies. Also, regarding how much to ship a car in winter, this time of year is when car owners pay higher rates while receiving lower incentives.

Spring Auto Shipping

Spring brings cooler and warmer weather conditions, making driving and auto shipping safer and easier. Auto shipping orders are not supposed to take long since there won’t be road closures and other hazards due to harsh weather.

For the most part, Spring is the ideal time of year to ship cars because moderate weather and safe driving conditions come hand in hand with moderate demand for auto transport services. Car owners can benefit from fair shipping prices and faster delivery.

However, Spring is the season of snowbirds and college students shipping orders. Snowbirds, who travel to northern warmer states like Florida, Texas, and Arizona in winter, return to their homes when spring approaches. Also, college students ship their vehicles back home by the end of the spring season with the end of the academic year.

Summer Auto Shipping

Auto shipping’s peak season usually begins in the late Spring and early summer seasons and extends until the beginning of Fall. However, the summer months, June, July, and August, are the busiest times of year in the auto transport industry.

Summer is when most Americans start moving between states for tourism or relocation purposes. Most Americans wait until summer to travel because the weather is cooler, numerous activities occur in summer, and schools are shut down.

In summer, there is less chance that weather conditions will obstruct auto-shipping processes. However, car owners may have difficulty finding a spot for their vehicles on a carrier if they wait until the last minute to book their vehicles’ shipments.

Fall Auto Shipping

Weather conditions in Fall continue to be fair, and driving is easy. Indeed, the surge in auto shipping demand significantly drops in Fall, and carrier drivers start making special offers to attract clients and fill their empty spots.

Furthermore, shipping vehicles in Fall is relatively similar to shipping in Spring in terms of good weather conditions and decreased demand. Therefore, car owners are more likely to benefit from considerable incentives and price cuts during these seasons.

However, Fall is also the season for snowbirds, mainly retirees traveling North and college students returning to university at the beginning of a new academic year. Other than this, Fall and Spring are considered low seasons in the auto shipping industry.

Tips for Planning Ahead

Planning car transportation well ahead of time is key to guaranteeing a hassle-free experience. There are a set of  principles car owners have to keep in mind for effective planning:

  1. Book auto transport services in advance: This step saves car owners the inconvenience of being too late to find the right carrier from one hand. On the other hand, car owners can secure quality services at lower prices when they inform a shipping company about their shipping needs.
  2. Be flexible: Flexibility is rewarding for car owners in the first place, as it accounts for major shipping price cuts. When car owners exhibit flexibility in pick-up and delivery times, they give auto transporters a greater scope to plan and efficiently arrange their auto shipping carefully.
  3. Be prepared: Having vehicles ready for shipping is critical for a faster process, especially when transporting cars at peak times. Car owners should ensure they follow all the instructions their auto shipper provides on properly preparing vehicles for shipping.

Tempus Logix, a professional and experienced auto transport company, is ready to ship cars anytime and anywhere in the United States. Also, the skilled team will guide car owners throughout the process to ensure easy and smooth auto transport. Use our cutting-edge online calculator to know how much to ship a car.

The Bottom Line

Auto shipping services availability, accessibility, and prices are completely associated with major seasonal factors, like weather conditions, annual occasions, the peak season, and the off-season. Car owners are recommended to plan, book, be flexible, and be prepared for a maximized car shipping experience.

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