Enclosed Auto Transport: Answers to Many Questions You Might Have

Enclosed Auto Transport: Answers to Many Questions You Might Have
Published on August 9, 2022

Deciding to ship your car by an enclosed trailer is always smart. You will guarantee that your automobile will be protected and secured against all external elements. But even with all its advantages, most car owners have many concerns about enclosed auto transport. So, eliminating these concerns is a must if you are one of those.

Let’s dive right into it by answering some questions that may have come to your mind:

What is the difference between open auto transport and enclosed auto transport? 

Auto transport companies offer two main options to transport vehicles. Therefore, knowing the difference between these shipping methods is essential so you can decide which one suits your needs the most.

  • Open Auto Transport: this shipping method is more popular and commonly used since the cost is quite economical. However, open auto transport doesn’t provide high levels of protection for shipped vehicles, so they will be exposed to all external elements and bad weather conditions. 
  • Enclosed Auto Transport: shipped cars will be transported in fully enclosed trailers protecting them from all external factors, including road hazards and weather conditions. As a result, car owners don’t need to worry about their vehicle safety.  

How Much Does Enclosed Auto Transport Cost? 

An enclosed trailer will add more to your transporting fee than an open trailer. Still, the shipping method is not the only factor affecting the overall cost. Other factors include:

  • The vehicle size: enclosed trailers come in many shapes, each with a different capacity. Some can fit eight cars, and others can fit less. So, the bigger your vehicle is, the more space it will reserve on the trailer resulting in more shipping costs.
  • The vehicle condition: shipping an operable car is not the same as transporting inoperable ones. The latter requires special equipment and tools to get it loaded safely on the trailer. 
  • The distance: it is obvious that vehicle transportation costs increase the longer the travel distance is since it greatly affects the arrival time and fuel consumption.

When Should I Use Enclosed Auto Transport? 

If you want to ship a brand new or classic car

Classic cars require the utmost care and attention. So, it is recommended to go with enclosed trailers to prevent any damage due to external factors.

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If you have a newly painted car

The paint job may have cost you a lot, so you don’t want to risk the paint getting damaged while in transit.

If you want to ship the car in bad weather

Weather is uncontrollable; you might need to move your car on dusty or rainy days. The transporting process may take more than a few days, and there’s no chance you would predict exactly how the weather conditions will turn out during shipping, and an enclosed trailer is the safe bet. 

If you drive a low ground clearance car

If your car’s ground clearance is low, it requires a hydraulic lift to operate safely. Moreover, when loading this type of vehicle on an open trailer, it will be affected by speed bumps as if you are driving it on the roads. 

How Many Cars Can Fit in an Enclosed Car Trailer?

Enclosed trailers come in several capacities; one-level one-car enclosed trailers were designed to transport one unique vehicle for short distances. On the other hand, bigger trailers can load up to 8 cars for long distances depending on shipped vehicle sizes.

Why Do I Need to Use Enclosed Auto Transport?

There are several reasons why enclosed trailers can be helpful for you:

  • High protection rates: hard-shell and soft-shell trailers provide full protection to shipped cars against external factors. The carrier’s small size will maintain transported vehicles in place and prevent them from shaking while in transit.
  • More privacy: when using enclosed trailers, your car won’t be exposed to all people in the street to look at or even touch. Therefore, if you are uncomfortable with your unique vehicle being seen, you should hire an enclosed auto transport service. 

How Long Does Enclosed Car Transport Take?

Enclosed Auto Transport is a good choice if you want to speed up your car’s process. However, the transit time depends on multiple elements such as:

  • Shipping distance 
  • Road conditions 
  • Pickup and drop-off locations
  • Time of year

Is Enclosed Transport Worth It? 

The answer depends on what method suits your needs. If you are interested in getting the utmost protection for your car and want it delivered in the very same pre-shipping condition, then without a doubt, enclosed auto transport is worth the investment.


Enclosed auto transport service is the greatest option if you want to transport your expensive car. Even though this service will be more costly than open transport, the high level of security that this carrier provides is worth the investment. 

Tempus Logix offers enclosed auto transport services via many enclosed trailers across the United States. The company can provide all enclosed trailers of different sizes and functionalities to match the client’s demands.

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