Top Auto Transport Misconceptions Everyone Should Know About

Top Auto Transport Misconceptions Everyone Should Know About
Published on February 12, 2023

If you have never shipped a vehicle before or once had a bad shipping experience, you probably started developing misleading assumptions regarding the auto shipping industry, which are not necessarily true! Rumours always spread everywhere, negatively affecting many businesses, and the auto shipping industry is no exception.

In this article, we will spotlight some of the top auto transport misconceptions everyone should know about, clarify some facts and provide tips about choosing the right auto transport company in the United States.

Top Auto Transport Misconceptions

Not everything you hear about the auto transport industry is true. Auto shipping companies disclaim these common misconceptions:

#1 Misconception: Auto shipping companies are all the same

People who are not auto-shipping workers know only a little about the industry, which leads them to think that all auto-shipping companies are the same, offering the same services with the same quality and price.

In reality, there is no such thing in any industry, as there is always the good and the bad, just like there is the pricier and the cheaper. Concerning the auto shipping industry, there are thousands of companies in the market which are furiously competing to attract prospects.

However, some auto shipping companies might not be as good as others lacking the experience to handle auto-hauling procedures. As long as a vehicle is one of the most precious assets for many, no one wants to trust their valuable vehicles to any company, assuming they are all on the same level of expertise.

Hence, people willing to ship their vehicles are advised to make sure that they do their homework before hiring a particular company.

#2 Misconception: Shipping distance is the only factor when calculating auto-shipping quotes

Another popular misconception is falsely assuming that auto shipping rates are based only on distance travelled. This is not true, as several other factors must be considered when determining the final auto-shipping cost. In addition to distance, these factors are mainly the vehicle’s make, size, model, pick-up, delivery locations, auto transport type, date of shipments, and route demand.

Additionally, even though long-distance auto shipping transport could add up costs, remember that the rate per mile drops when the distance is longer.

#3 Misconception: Prices are always higher in summer than in winter

The summer is known to be a peak season for the auto hauling industry leading to higher rates, but this is still half the truth. Actually, rates don’t always depend on the season of the shipment itself, and the demand on routes is also considered when determining the shipping quote.

In other words, prices are higher if the demand for a certain route is high during a peak season. Yet, clients will get more reasonable rates if the routes to be travelled along during the peak season are less popular.

Furthermore, this statement could delude car owners that they can wait until winter to get a lower price. It is worth mentioning that during specific times in winter, like Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays, the auto shipping industry has a peak season, causing prices to increase.

#4 Misconception: Car shipping brokers aim to steal people’s money

Some people accuse auto shipping brokers of trying to take people’s money for unworthy services. These people are not aware of the benefits the brokers secure for shippers. The primary role of brokers is to help carriers fill their empty spaces with loads and help shippers find a carrier to haul their vehicles.

In fact, brokers help customers find a carrier and negotiate prices, and force carriers to compete on loads. Hence, customers get cheaper shipping prices than booking directly with a carrier. Brokers also have a large network of carriers that help them give a suitable load to the matching carrier. As a result, customers get the most competitive car shipping price possible.

Tips for Choosing the Right Auto Shipping Company

For those who used to believe in the above misconceptions about the auto shipping industry, you can check the following tips to find a reliable service provider to move your vehicle.

All reputable and trustworthy auto shipping companies are licensed and bonded with the USDOT and FMCSA, and Tempus Logix is one of them. To verify the reliability of an auto shipping company, ask for their registration number and search for it on the USDOT website. The website provides an accurate record of the company’s history, so customers can measure how safe and timely their shipments are.

Also, reliable auto shipping companies invest in their presence online. So, one can check on an auto shipping company by researching their websites, social media channels, and customer reviews. Customers’ reviews are crucial to identify the professionalism of an auto shipping company based on real experiences.

If you’re looking for a reliable auto shipping company with years of experience, a professional team, and effective customer service, consider Tempus Logix. Above all, Tempus Logix offers timely and safe auto-hauling services for all vehicles across the United States.

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